Gestures for Someone Who’s Lost a Loved One

Gestures for Someone Who’s Lost a Loved One



It is incredibly difficult to think of the best or right things to say to someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. If you don’t know what to say or do, you may be tempted to just give them space. However, grieving can already feel like a particularly isolating time without friends and family members staying away from just because they aren’t sure what to do or say.

Although it may feel uncomfortable or even a little difficult, there are plenty of great ways you can provide support and comfort and people who are grieving will appreciate your efforts.

If you’re at a loss with what to do, this guide will hopefully give you some nice and kind ideas of gestures to give your friend or relative the right message. More than anything any of these suggestions will show you’re thinking of them during this very challenging and difficult time.


Check in on them Regularly

Though your friend may be bombarded with supportive and sympathetic phone calls and visits in the run-up to and days shortly after the funeral, there will come a time when this attention lessens. That doesn’t mean that the grieving process is complete though. So, it is a nice idea to check in on them regularly, even if it’s once a month and on special occasions, to see how they are doing.


Plan an Adventurous Day Out for Them

In those first days, weeks and maybe even months after the funeral, it may be hard for them to even contemplate leaving the house. It doesn’t hurt to offer to take them somewhere nice. Offer to take them to a place that is special to them or the beach or even just for a walk. A little bit of natural daylight (and if you’re fortunate, sunshine) and fresh air can make a world of difference.


Help them out Day to Day

The grief process can take its toll on the day to day running of a household. Therefore, if you know your friend or even relative is struggling to cope with the weight of the grief, you could offer to lighten their load a little by helping them out with some of their daily chores. Something as simple as coming around and washing their dishes, sorting some laundry and mowing the lawn will be a great help and is a loving gesture that shows you care more than words.


Practical and Delicious Gift Basket

Following on from the above, gift baskets make for lovely condolence gifts. You can choose one that is full of all their favourite treats and snacks. That way, whenever they need a little pick me up, they can pick something from your thoughtful gift. It will remind them who got them it and although you are not doing it for recognition, they will know that they are on your mind and in your thoughts and that you care about them.



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