Case Study: My Experience With Wellness

Case Study: My Experience With Wellness

Health Benefits of Melatonin Hormone

There is a special hormone in the body called melatonin, and it is secreted by the pineal gland, and it is called a sleep hormone because it regulates sleep and wakefulness. There are artificial melatonin hormones that you can take to regulate your sleep, and they are good, but extended use can lead to a headache, depression and even irritability. Melatonin hormone helps the human brain in many ways with sleep regulation being the main one, but some research shows that it can be used to change the life of a person as from there. When one gets exposed to a lot of light, the special hormone can be destroyed and therefore there is need to follow the practitioner’s pieces of advice keenly. In as much as you can curb a lot of things using the melatonin hormone, you should be careful to avoid taking excess of the hormone and therefore increasing your chances of healing without aggregating other conditions. The article here in highlights some impressive health benefits of melatonin hormone.

The health situation in the world today is at stake because of the increasing levels of cancer which is killing so many people in a span of short time because of the difficulties to treat it. For that reason, you can use the melatonin hormone to deal with cancerous cells that can be found in any part of the body, be it breasts, lungs, liver, throat and many others. Therefore when you have a constant supply of the hormone it means that you can protect yourself against a wide array of cancer and therefore live longer.

Secondly, you should know that melatonin protects the entire brain through the impact it creates on the entire system and therefore meaning that your brain functions perfectly. The nervous system is supplied with antioxidants by the melatonin hormone to ensure they do not get damaged as one age. Since the level of hormone secretion decreases as one gets old, there is need to substitute this by taking some artificial drugs that enable the nervous system to function properly.

Many people would not believe that melatonin hormone would use some fats to lower the body weight of a person. Melatonin hormone contains a special class of oil that removes the excess fats on the body thereby leading to overall weight loss.

Apart from regulating sleep and wakefulness, the melatonin hormone lowers the severity of a migraine, and so one can manage to do other things. I would advise someone who is a victim of a migraine to take melatonin hormone frequently.

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